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About Us

What will the door to your financial future hold?

If you’re not sure, you’re not alone. In today’s uncertain economic and financial market environment, many people nearing or in retirement are uncertain about how to best prepare for life in retirement and how long their money may last. That’s where we can help. Serving as your financial advocate and guide, we help you find a clear path to and through the future you desire.

For more than 20 years, Graystone Partners has worked with educators, athletes and retirees to help open doors to opportunity and make the most of their retirement portfolios through proactive planning and prudent asset management. It would be our pleasure to create a plan that suits your unique needs, bringing the clarity and confidence you seek to get your financial house in order.

A Business Built on Relationships

Helping you move toward the future with confidence is our passion. Our business has been built on referrals from long standing client relationships. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve clients we consider family and friends, and cherish the relationships that have led to more than 20 years of helping families pursue their financial and retirement goals.

When you work with Graystone, you become family.

Joining the Graystone Partners Family

To maintain our high standard of client care and personalized service, Graystone Partners accepts a limited number of new clients each year.

Contact Us to schedule a no-obligation consultation to determine if we are the right fit for your financial planning and investment management needs.

How Graystone Partners Was Founded

One of our favorite cities to visit is Boston. As a family, we love the history, the architecture and the character of the buildings and brownstones in Boston. In early 2013, my wife Keisa and I sat outside at a small cafe in Boston’s Beacon Hill district discussing a possible name change for our Tempe, Arizona financial services firm. We wanted to convey what the company was built on: trust, honesty, reliability, patience, and convey positive characteristics including longevity, maturity and the strength to “weather the storm.”

As we talked, we noticed the beautiful brownstone buildings surrounding us. It suddenly occurred to us that these brownstones captured all of the same qualities and attributes we were using to describe our firm. Thus, the name, Graystone Partners was born.