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Tracy Bierworth

Tracy Bierworth

Chief Compliance Officer

Tracy oversees the daily operations of the office while assisting the advisors and clients. Manages a diverse set of responsibilities primarily focused on compliance management, controlling office operations and procedures, and coordination and supervision of employees to ensure all tasks are completed in a timely and efficient manner.  Establishes, implements, and monitors office policy and procedures to comply with the firm’s overall effectiveness and the ability to meet its goals.  Additionally, assists in creating reports, follow-up communication, and departmental research in conjunction with advisor needs and ensures overall high-quality client service in the office environment.

Tracy has over twenty years of experience in the financial industry. Prior to joining Graystone Partners, she worked primarily in the banking industry as an Assistant Branch Manager for JPMorgan Chase Bank managing operational functions including loss control compliance, customer retention, audit standards, and staff management.

Tracy has three daughters and is a proud grandmother. She enjoys hiking, spending time with her family, traveling and reading in her downtime.